Saphina is a girl with beautiful friends and has friends there for her and will always understand her saphina will always be there for others in a hard times all the boys like saphina but she only likes one at a certain time of the year saphina is a good friend to talk to when your sad she will do everything to keep the happiest
by Saphina pretty kind caring January 19, 2019
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Saphina the name of a girl who gives 100% of everything she does. She gets along well with all and is a great listener. She can be sensitive at times and inclined to bottle things up, so check up on her time to time. Saphina would never betray you and is quite loyal. If you have a Saphina in your life, keep her for life.
Saphina is always so helpful!
by cortanaxx April 12, 2020
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You only know ONE person named Saphina, that’s a fact. This ONE person is super smart and friendly and they would do anything for people they trust. This ONE person also always has hoes around them. Non-stop hoes and simps that constantly follow them around. Saphina also has PLENTY of sneak links and sugar daddies. In the future, Saphina will be filthy rich so be nice to them
OMG, Have you seen the news? Saphina just make 379 Billion dollars! Dang I wish I didn’t ghost her that one time
by cortanaxx September 28, 2021
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