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Saoud means blessings & happiness. it also means a collection of stars, as his name suggest he like astronomy too.He is the most loyal person you`ll ever meet.Perfection and flawless is a must to him.He is the Sword&Shield that protects you from any harm no matter what including your self.Although he is best in every thing,he is extremely glad to be the 2nd for whom he adore.He like to share his happiness with whom he care about,he hates to eat alone and he likes to gift his lovers without any occasions.He is a very hard working person and a goal achiever.He is super responsible and caring human-being.Whenever you make a trouble just call saoud he`ll solve it with a big smile on his face.His pride is connected to whom he loves,he`ll stay broke,missed up, even lower himself if it is for whom he love.However, he`ll die in sorrow if you asked any other creatures for help,he`ll start a war for your sake without hesitation or conflict of consequences,he`ll suffer agony and die with pride for you & he`ll kill himself a thousands times before he sees bow to any one.If he occurred a sin toward whom he love,he`ll do whatever it takes,no matter what it is and how long it takes to regain forgiveness and grace to get them back.
He hates to be told the words " Im Sorry and Thank You" because he is destine to serve you and you don't apologies nor thanks whats already yours. He is very smart and love to learn about every thing.When you meet him on the first time he`ll give you the impression of a sobriety person, wait until you meet his clumsy-crazy side.He sees the world from different respective, pain is pleasure, happiness comes from making people around him happy & your smile lighten up my whole universe .He is the type of guys who always receives the comment cute from girls and the word monster from guys.Deep inside saoud rests his alter darkness: the personality that protects him from his own feelings, the source of his will power, the identity which never bows to any one ,the rampage titan which conquer every thing,his passionate killer,his dead hollow heart,his naughtiness virtue.He forced himself to tame and use his darkness so it never conflict and hurts whom he love and care for.He can kill-cold-blooded but his heart tears apart & cries an ocean when he miss his love.He always stops complain about fate and starts to make his own.He hated to be underestimated or to be low looked.He is death-hatred to share his love once with any one.He is a Sacrificer ,dream maker and passionate-romantic lover.He is real minded and a hearty matured.
by Summerwine&Proud September 28, 2013
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