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large nosed,small dicked, autistic ass nigga in the public, who shops at ross for a living, but a fun guy to fuck around with.
lmao you see sankarshan camp out in front of ross yesterday?
by d omegalul omegalul September 28, 2018
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a faggot who never knows of what hes talking about
Man: 1 + 1 = 100
You: Bro your a sankarshan
by OiItsBicBois June 03, 2018
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When searching up his name on Urban Dictionary, he will suddenly get a great boost of morale. Then suddenly he will realize that he can't come up with any insults. Braceface will be the name he calls anyone that wears braces. Four eyes for anyone wearing glasses. Everyone around him will suddenly realize how shitty these insults are. No one is able to talk to him because all he says is "STFU" whenever you tried to talk to him.
Person 1: "Hey, braceface"
Person 2: "OMG, it's the Sankarshan again"
Person 1: "Fuck my life, I'm starting to become like a Sankarshan"
by K4le April 16, 2019
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