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Sangyia is one of a kind, like no other. Flawed but you would never know. Her beauty is out of this world. She has guys at her beckon call willing to do whatever she says. Has beautiful natural hair and eyes. Sangyia is very sweet and understanding once you get to know her, the opposite of how people see her. Sangyia only lets a few people in, so if she comes off as shy or quiet it's because she's just not that into you. A little Boujie at times but still down to earth. A great quality is she could care less about the hate. She is finer than wine but doesn't need to rely on her looks but if she wanted to she could. She remains true to herself and that's why everyone loves her. She is a true ride or die friend if you ever come across a sangyia you better not ever let her slip away. She is the best girl friend to have, if you ever leave her you'll regret it forever and wish you had her back. Great listening skills and has great advice to offer. Sangyia is the kind of girl you will want for long term and want your mother to meet. Don't get on her bad side, She doesn't give out second chances. Once she has her mind set on something it's already hers. Ambitious. Amazing in bed and her body is smokin hot. She is the new definition of being "in style"
Girl: I met this girl today she was so pretty and sweet. She gave the best advice, we were talking for hours.

Guy: Oh! You definitely must be talking about Sangyia she's like no other.
by OnTheClouds June 18, 2018
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