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Greatest lefty pitcher of all time, played for LA Dodgers in 1960's. career ERA is lower than Snoop Dogg's sperm count.
"Sandy Koufax is the greatest lefty of all time. And he's an honorary member of the Jew-Unit, with Shawn Green and Brad Ausmus!"
by E-Man December 19, 2003
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as a male is about to climax during rear entry doggy style, he pulls out, cums in his left hand, and says (in a sports announcer like voice) "now pitching, Sandy Koufax." as the female (if you're straight; this move doesn't discriminate against homosexuals - after all it is 2008) turns to see what is going on, to her surprise a face full of cum is thrown in her face

*there is a lot more credibility in this move if you are Jewish. Sandy Koufax was a Hall of Fame pitcher. yes, he was left handed and he was Jewish.

this is very similar to the spiderman only with a different delivery. it also resembles the plethora of other ones that start from behind and end with a surprised receiver with cum in their face. the right handed version of this move is called the Tom Seaver, who was also a Hall of Fame baseball pitcher.

however, unlike the other moves that end with cum in someone's face, this one is not demeaning and, with the right sense of humor (on the account of both parties) it can be a laugh for everyone involved. okay, maybe it is a little demeaning.
"I pitched a great game in the sack last night, but I had to call in Sandy Koufax to close it out."
by TDNino April 19, 2008
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One of the few greatest baseball players who happen to be a Jew. A 3 times Cy Young award winner, 2 time pitching Triple Crown, 2 time World Series MVP(1963 and 1965) and was National League MVP in 1963.
Probably would have been a member of the 300 win club if his career haven't prematurely ended no thanks to the fact that his elbow got messed up.
by zimmm is gay August 16, 2004
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