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Part of port washington which is a village on the north shore of long island filled with huge mansions and rich douche bags who dont give a shit about anyone other then themseleves
person: Hey how are you?

sands pointer: Screw you I'm a rich douche bag!
by Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad April 29, 2006
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Pretty much the greatest place on earth. Everyone here is super rich. We all get Mercedes Benz's and BMW's for our 16th birthdays and we live in mansions on the water. We belong to the village club, that has golfing, tennis, a pool, a grill, and what they call, The Mansion, the gorgeous dining hall that used to be the estate of the Guggenheims. Clearly its gorgeous and huge. We also have the Sands Point Preserve, which has two castles on it, also formerly the estate of the Guggenheims. Although there are public schools in Port Washington, the nearest town, we all go to private schools for proper education. We end up at Ivy Leagues, and go on to become rich investment bankers and trophy wives just like our parents. We have gorgeous children who we dress in Burberry Kids from the time they turn 1, and we leave the taking care of them to the nannies. I mean, what would we do if we got grape juice on our Prada coats? Well, buy a new one of course, but if it got on our Chanel bags, oh boy!
Girl 1: See that girl over there? She's from Sands Point!

Girl 2: Oh my god! I'm so jealous! She looks so glamorous!
by xoSandsPxo January 08, 2010
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