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A person who lives in a desert region of the Middle East. Not genetically related to the true gooks of Vietnam.
Ben Dover: Charles said we have to wipe the sand gooks off the face of the Earth or else be subjected to a forced conversion to Islam when the Muslims take over.
Phil McCrackin: When they take over what?
Ben: Our government, I guess.
Phil: Oh. So I suppose this takeover is starting with the strip malls down the street?
Ben: Well, Charles said you've got to start small in the jihad business and build slowly. I mean, the born-again Christians and the Mormons have done it, so why wouldn't the Muslims do the same?
by BigBootyHo December 07, 2007
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Any Arab or member of an ethnic group that inhabits the desert regions of the Middle East, so-called for reasons unknown, but possibly because U.S. military forces are having just as difficult a time defeating them as they did the Vietnamese. Any genetic relationship between sand gooks and "regular" gooks is purely speculative at this time.
Charles: See, first we went to Vietnam to kill the gooks, now we've got to kill these fucking sand gooks. Then we're going to put out a special 75-page section in the newspaper devoted to my narcissism and filled with quotes I think are brilliant, but are really just the product of my wandering, irrational mind. This special section will be a way for me to compensate for my microscopic genitalia.
by KingChotch November 13, 2007
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