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San Jacinto is a very small city in the inland empire of southern california. It is the sister city to Hemet, and is part of the same city area (for years, San Jacinto and Hemet wanted to merge since they were practically just one big city, but it fell through years ago). Look up the definition for "hemet" and you will get exactly how this city is as well, but with one difference. San Jacinto is slightly worse, and is slightly more dangerous crime-wise. Known to locals there as San Ja-ghetto.
"Hemet sucks, I think I'll move to San Jacinto."

"Dude, its practically the same city, you won't really be changing much."

"True, but at least we have some new cookie-cutter homes on the outskirts that none of us will ever afford."
by bowling March 14, 2008
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