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Term used to describe a story which should have been simple, but during delivery turns into a monologue.

Also applies to jokes told in a such a poor and round about way so as to render all funniness obsolete.
Person 1: Have you written an example yet? Should be really easy for you right

Person 2: Well I was going to write a full monologue but I didnt think it would quite fit what I wanted the other people to say, so instead I came to the conclusion that the best thing to do was to write what could be the start of a monologue and a story in which the person whilst telling a story does so in a very round about way and often gets side tracked with other stories during delivery...

Person 3: What is he talking about?

Person 1: He's just gone off on one of his samonologues again...


Person 1: That's a nice jacket Sam is wearing

Person 2: Whatever you do dont ask him about it
by Dontevenreplyisagreatwebsite October 09, 2013
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