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She’s beautiful, smart, outgoing, caring, makes new friends easily, and always ready for an adventure. She will never be down for long, always putting smiles on others face she is the happy one out of the friend group.
Samarea is an amazing person she’s beautiful and smart.
by Albert Einstein May 12, 2018
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Samarea a beautiful lady with deep meaningful eyes, someone who you can talk to and they’ll listen. Someone who follows their passions even if no one supports them. Someone with such beauty they could compete against a goddess and win, but Samarea can also have a dark side, she is very easily swayed by emotions. If you find her, love her till the end of time, cause she will do the same.
Person 1: I love Samarea!
Person 2: Dude you’re so lucky!
Person 1: I know :)
by al_bo25 May 14, 2018
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