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Noun; A woman of class, dignity and strength. With intelligence, many talents and the purest of hearts, happiness, success and good company follow her in all her ventures.
Understanding of her nature and accepting of all aspects of her life. Her strength knows no limits, she is fierce and without doubt. Her drive is selfless, big things are in store for her.

The true beauty of ‘Samantha-Jane’ (aside from being very attractive) is that of her soul. She is deeply spiritual and all loving, her mind obsesses over tiny miracles of everyday life, her vision of the world and existence is like that of no one else.
Not everyone is lucky enough to have a "Samantha-Jane" in their life. If you are – hold on to her tight.
“Woah that person is amazing, nearly as amazing as Samantha-Jane
By golly you are talented- did you learn from Samantha-Jane?”
“I wish I could be friends with Samantha-Jane, she would complete my life
by OxfordDictionaries / Einstein November 04, 2013
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