The Salwar is an urban legend originated from Malaysia, especially those that have lived by thick forests. it starts with a boy named Arif Butlah, who always wandered into the woods to feed all of his animal friends. he hung around them so much eventually he stopped going home. he spent so much time in the forest he began to take on the physical appearances of the animals and he loved it. he loved it so much that during his final days on earth, he made a deal with a devil, to be able to remain as that animal human creature that protects the wildlife and terrorizes the humans so they stay away. Occasionally, it will go and kidnap the humans that are mean to animals, and keep them as slaves until they die. this is why the Malaysian natives always say don't take your resources for granted.. or the Salwar will come to get you.
Beware the Salwar
The Salwar is always watching
by maddyssocks4 November 30, 2021