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Sallybox is derived from two words used by the McKinney Fifteen during their infamous stand-off with the Zapistas during the late 19th centruy. Due to the lush garden growing within the confines of the Wilson Creek Fort, the main meal of the rebels during the 37-day stand-off was vegetation. Using bastardized spanish, many of the McKinney rebels would hurl their leftover food at the Zapistas upon the approach, yelling "ensalally" in an attempt to use the spanish term for salad "ensalada." When the zapistas were pelted with the McKinney Fifteen's garbage, they attempted to yell, in bastardized english, "Fuckers." Their attempts sounded something more like "Bockers," and when the U.S. National Guard was sent in, they heard these two terms. Putting them together, "Sallybox" became to mean fighting trivially to no avail with the use of non-traditional and outlandish means.
"Did you run into Carl and Steve last night?"
"Shit, you're lucky, I had to watch those two fags sallybox all night!"
by Jerome Alfred Ubgottinson March 09, 2005
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