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a man who appears to be on hard drugs and uses marijuana in between usage lsd and acid in order to sober up, wears tight jeans and cuts right above the knee and wears big army boots, is the kind of guy who isnt concerned with age of sexual partners and will probably be convicted of statutory rape
Sully: Hey that weirdo at radio shack was caught selling acid to girls at the middle school.

Trisha: Ya its a Salamey fosho.
by DeepCdivingFox September 28, 2010
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Prone to manic episodes where he tells extremely exaggerated( If not, just straight up bull) stories, this usually takes place after a few nattys are consumed. He hangs out in the high school parking lot during the day and works the midnight shift at a gas station and always brags about all the hot sluts that come in all the time and ask for his number. He supplies all the nattys and Marijuana at high school partys and thinks that all the high school chicks want to get with him; the sad part is that they dont even act like they kinda like him just to get booze, they completely ignore him, but he interprets that as playing hard to get. Drives down Sunset Blvd with all the stoner kids in his 2000 Ford Explorer that he put suicide doors and spinners on even though they stopped being cool before he graduated. Embodies the 24 year old pretentious douche bag that was kinda sorta cool back in high school, that still acts that way because he got laid twice during his senior year.
Common Salamey expressions;
"Old enough to pee, old enough for me bro"
by Whiteboy Production October 08, 2010
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