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1. A seemingly souless pshychotic and dilusionary individual(s) whom artfully premeditates and creates elaborate lies, frauds and schemes at the expense of others lives or well being and has no feelings of remorse. The lack of remorse contributes to said behavior because the deceptor(s) begin to believe their own lies and deception. 2. To wear a false face and live a faux wealthy lifestyle. 3. A dangerous mental illness which causes dilusionary ego-menial behaviors in a person; they tend to surround themselves with other people that have the same disease. People with this conditon tend to gather in groups of two so that they may corroborate lies before a premeditated scheme is carried out just in case they are questioned or get caught in such heist. This mental illness causes individuals to continue to lie and decieve even if there is undeniable cooberating evidence that proves the lie or deception.
I suspect the Jones' across the street have salahiphrenia because they go to church every Sunday and say they say they make a living from selling chrisian books and literature internationally. The daily news just leaked that they were just arrested for running a large human slave trading operation.
by NatalieWoodland October 24, 2010
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