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Saint Andrew's Episcopal School (SAES) is an Episcopalian elementary and middle school located in California with morals for strong academics and character. Children at Saint Andrew's grow up with a good sense of what to expect for in the future, and develop practical goals in which they succeed spiritually and academically. SAES provides a well-rounded curriculum from the arts, to meditation, to app inventing, to self-motivating and enduring physical education. As the kids grow to young adults, they start to lose innocence as they discover life's challenges and opportunities. Many of which at SAES are masked with morals of character start to question the values behind becoming a perfect, well rounded, child. From here out, some chose to unconsciously follow the suggested path of work/improvement without question, while others chose to question life, God, and the pursuit of happiness. Once in 8th grade, most kids at SAES have experienced enough work and lessons to know that they shall do what pleases them, whether it means being a person of character, or a person who realizes the innocence of the school children. Many kids grow up to be bright, wonderful, and succeed in many ways, while others may simply be unprepared for real-life problems such as being bullied, relationship break-ups, and becoming fired from a job.
Bartholomule: "Hey Birtha, Saint Andrews Episcopal School looks like a great place for my 8 year old son!"

Birtha: "It may seem like that at first, but SAES seems to keep too children innocent, causing them to fail epically in high-school when it comes to being popular, getting a boy/girl-friend, simply due to the fact that they don't know what words like "cum" or "condom" are."

Bartholumule: "OK well it seems like something I'm willing to sacrifice for a great education, maybe I could persuade them to put in a Sex Ed. Class."


SAES Student (boy): "um-m-r... Hi Jessica, um... I think your pretty?... Um..."

SAES Student (Girl): "Awww you're so sweet! of course I'll be your Girlfriend!"

*Holds hands for 5 seconds and never speaks again*


Boya: "Hey dude, that chick looks pretty damn hot in those tights!"

Brindolathumleyanola: "hell ya man, I so want to lick her pus--Her Puissance! I mean like those legs look like they can jump high!"
by Andrew the Apostle March 05, 2014
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