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Sailaja (Telugu: శైలజ)

Saila”=Mountain, “Aja=Offspring/Daughter(in this context)/born to”
Sailaja literally means ‘daughter of the mountains’. In Hinduism or the Sanatana Dharma, Goddess Parvati is know by many names, one of her names is ‘Sailaja’, since she is the daughter of the Himalayas.

This name is more often seen in the Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and other Southern Indian Communities.
Sailaja’ is a beautiful name for girl.
by ObsessivelyLost 🦄 January 09, 2018
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a total bitch with no common sense. She never listen's to anyone else and ignores facts even when they slap her across the face. She acts as if she's the queen of the world and is completely terrible. Can be used as a verb
You are being a Sailaja
by riri4eva September 06, 2019
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