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A person who is usually good looking , definitely knows how to flirt with all of the boys , and if she doesn’t get her way she will find a way how to. If you find a sahnaiyah you better keep her. (She might even give you a blow job if you ask her the right way)
Bro do you have a sahnaiyah yet

She has a good lookin ass
by YOU KNOW GURL January 01, 2018
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Sahnaiyah is very chill goofy and cool. She is not ever bothered my other people’s opinions. She is very outspoken and intelligent. She is a very good arguer and is so beautiful. Her smile lights up the whole room. And even though her eyes are brown they always seem to make anyone smile! She is also athletic !
All of Sahnaiyah’s friends envy her beauty and love how natural it is but she never puts them down just not for looking like her. She will encourage them to also learn self beauty. Sahnaiyah is so nice and loyal in relationships. If you break up with her she’ll only try to fix it if she really loves you which she most of the times will! She is extremely intelligent and may look mean but it’s okay because she really isn’t if you just go up and talk to her you’ll get to know her real side. She’s not the type of person just to have one best friend she usually has about 2-4 but she loves them all equally and would never do anything to put their relationships in jeopardy. She is very thick and doesn’t mind if you smack her fat ass. She’ll go all out of her way to make you laugh or just happy she’s just that type of person. She doesn’t let her emotions show very often, she usually just covers everything up with a smile . You’ll get to see Sahnaiyah cry every once in a blue moon because she isn’t that emotional. If you find a Sahnaiyah you better keep her and admire her beautifulness every single day
Have you seen Sahnaiyah??
Yea she looks rly mean
Oh she’s not go talk to her

But she’s so beautiful!! What do I say?
by That 2 girl October 22, 2018
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Sahnaiyah is generally a very chill and goofy person. She is usually pretty athletic. She may seem/ look very mean but in reality she’s not. She’s very pretty and can have all the boys in the world if she wanted them. Her friends envy her beautifulness. Other peoples opinions don’t matter or bother her! Many people want to be her friend but she only hangs out with a few. She is a very intelligent girl who may not know everything but still tries to succeed. Her attitude will occur sometimes but usually not for long. If you get into a relationship with Sahnaiyah you’ll be amazed by how loyal she is. When you get a kiss from her you’ll never want to stop. She’s amazing at sex. And everything else that falls into that category. Sahnaiyah usually has a big ass, and doesn’t mind other people touching it . Her laugh is so sweet and her smile is probably the best thing you’ve ever seen. If you ever find a Sahnaiyah be happy even though she might get on your last nerves, because you might never find one again
Friend: hey you think you can hook me up with Sahnaiyah, bro I love her smile and laugh and her everything plzz

Me: did you forget that me and her are dating?!? She’s the most loyal girl I’ve ever met. Hell no you can’t have her
by That 2 girl October 22, 2018
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