First name of extremely handsome main character from the anime series Full Metal Panic! Full name: Sergeant Sagara Sousuke. Formerly named Isegar Kashim, Sousuke is now a hot-shot young agent with the secret world justice organisation MITHRIL. He is known for his gloomy, war-crazy, otaku outlook on life and his skilfull ability to power the highly advanced Mecha Arm-Slave "Arbalest" which uses thought-control technology. He is involved in a love-triangle with two gorgeous girls... his civilian charge Chidori Kaname, and his Captain Teletha Testarossa.
Girls love it that Sagara Sousuke is much better at operating Mecha than dealing with his love life!
by bonta-kun! March 9, 2004
Haver of nunga-nungas that are disproportionately impacted by the trappings of gravity.
Your tits do be droopin tho. Are they Sagara?
by oofenshmirtz March 3, 2020
A classic Sundanese name (derived from Sanskrit) that means "ocean" or "sea". A Javanese equivalent of the name is Segoro. Usually called "Sag" which makes up for a good joke.
F: Sag, Sagara
S: What?
F: Sag my balls!
by Phynopie November 23, 2021