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1. A term used by many British cricket fans, doesn't really have a meaning they just find it useful to use it in the middle of sentances when they think its necessary but to everyone else it sounds like complete jiberish.

2. A word that is said by many teenage aussies imitating english cricket supporters about their accents and their ability to confuse you with the pronunciation of the simplest words.
BRITISH FAN: Ey matey, safeqouin you want a spare ticket

AUSSIE FAN: Umm okay mate, how much

BRITISH FAN: Well safeqouin there top notch seats so how about $15.

AUSSIE FAN: Allright mate you got yourself a deal.

BRITISH FAN: Oh safeqouin, i thought i would be out hear for hours trying to safeqouin away with these tickets.

by sicklad1 December 28, 2010
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