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a group of girls that try to have high social status but in reality do not. They are average or below average in looks, but somehow they manage to hang out with the attractive guys. the guys go along with it because they figure nothing could go wrong with these girls since they are "safe" and will not tempt them in anyway. safe girls are also not intimidating to guys which is why they get all the attention. They get jealous of girls that fall into the queen bee category because they know they will never be as good as them. They are usually just tag a long girls that try to have a good social life, but in reality, everyone knows they are just safe girls and they are going nowhere. They rarely have boyfriends, and if they do they are not of the Don Juan type. Generally, safe girls get way more attention then they deserve, but its not genuine.
"Why is that guy complimenting that safe girl? she is so ugly!"

"Those safe girls better back the fuck off because I'm a fucking queen bee."
by Haley Mischelli March 05, 2009
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