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Sweet as pie, gorgeous inside and out, smart funny and very silly
by Wise01 December 19, 2016
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Very nice shy but when u get to know her very funny . Cute eyes sometimes short kind and is a dancer . She will always be loving and can put a smile on anyone’s face she likes to be sarcastic and smart when she wants to
I smiled like samyah
by Hayman liencam July 10, 2018
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Beautiful !! She is so very kind and loves to put smiles on peoples face sometimes short with brown hair also very funny with a sarcastic humour here and there . She is always laughing and smiling and making others happy. Loves the beach and her best friends but most of all a gorgeous girl
by Hayman liencam September 20, 2018
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Sa'Myah is short, thick, cute, funny, smart, and somewhat goofy. She is that type of girl people always like to hang around. She bad, ready to fight, and is always standing up for her friends. People say she talk like she from the islands. It's easy to get beef with her.Her smile can light up the whole room. She will make your day a lot better yet not put up with any bs. Often known for a bad attitude but is very kind. She a hidden freak but is quick to reject somebody. If she don't like you she gone make sure you know. She can help you through any situation even if she hasnt been throught it. But be careful cause she always getting somebody in trouble.
Aye you heard about that girl Sa'Myah !?
by theoneandonlybhaddie December 13, 2018
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