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smiling to myself. smile to myself. smiled to myself.

The phrase LOL needs a backup or another option. It has been so overly used that it doesn't usually pertain to the original meaning. Most of the time when someone says or types lol they are typically just smiling.

This phrase would be used more or less as internet slang.

Jane: Hey what's up?
John:(insert dumb-ass response here, something she wouldn't necessarily laugh out loud about)

Jane: s2m
by kenwardski November 25, 2010
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lol is waaaay overused by full throttle
twat waffles wee todded fuckballs that don't realize every1 laughs out loud .
noobNi: (typing) like wowsers dooby, when shaggin in the waggon she started lol-ing
and i just s2m-ed
by THΔ’ definition June 20, 2019
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