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s0nicfreak was a gamer and otaku who loved Sonic The Hedgehog and was well known in the online video game and anime communities (though many people were surprised to find out she was actualy female). She became somewhat of a minor internet celebrity when she ran a bittorrent tracker at which was shut down by the MPAA. She use to run and help out with a few porn sites, which are all mostly gone now, and was the inventor of seizure porn. She had a webhosting company called cheepwebhost which is also gone.

s0nicfreak dissappeared in late 2005. She was supposedly going to mexico, but it is rumored she was last heard from before boarding a bus that would take her to an airport, saying she was going to asia instead. The bus crashed, killing several people. It was never confirmed nor denied if s0nicfreak was one of those people, but she was never heard from again. Some believe s0nicfreak is still alive and in mexico or asia, and others believe she is in San Francisco.
What ever happened to s0nicfreak?
by Jimmy Oldtron July 14, 2006
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Someone who has an undying love for all things Sonic and has fallen off the face of the earth.
Dude, she had all the Sonic merchindise there was but I haven't seen her for ages, she's a s0nicfreak.
by KnuxSonic February 28, 2006
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