An internet abbreviation for "sitting in chair chuckling." It is to replace LOL for work related situations.

LOL is played out.
Burt: Hey, what do you think of the Heat's chances this season?

Ernie: SCC!
by Borpit December 21, 2011
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SceneAccess.org, a private Bittorrent tracker with one of the best pre speeds on the net
guy1: i have 2 invites to scc
guy2: what's scc?
guy1: stfu and gtfo and diaf you newb
by Joseph Bilks December 08, 2007
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(n.) (plural) Abbreviation for Sabretooth Crotch Crickets. Nastier than your usual pubic lice. See Sabretooth Crotch Crickets and SCC.
You hoe yourself around like that and you might end up with SCCs like you wouldn't believe.

Damn SCCs keep screamin' at me every time I get close to your mom's snatch!
by O May 03, 2004
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SCC (Simons Closet Closet) originated late one night after discovery of a Closet's Closet. Only original members of the SCC are aloud to be part of the club.
Person 1- Hey, lets go back to the SCC and Party it up
Person 2- Sounds good, no outsiders allowed in though..
by S.T.M March 04, 2012
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S.C.C. stands for Snow Cone Click and is a fresh west coast social group. Usually very legitiment and hella good looking guys getting all the bitches. Staten Island is their first language. Only the select few can experience the joy of being in this awesome, fun loving group and rolling straight to the room, taking of the girlies clothes and turning their asses around!! NO ONE can put it down like S.C.C.
man, s.c.c. gets all the hot girls.....i wish i could get in!!!! but my name is rene so whatever....im gonna go cry
by S.C.C. December 26, 2007
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