“What’s up?”

• As in ‘what’s going on?, what are you up to?, how are you? or what are you doing?’

When posed to an individual, as a means of entering into a conversation. (Shortened version.)

• Used as a common, casual greeting among inner city youth and even thru middle aged individuals, from urban areas. In place of saying hi, hello, good to see you, nice to meet you etc. - Often used when simply acknowledging the presence of others. Especially when being introduced to someone new.
“Hey Dee, s’up?”
“Nothin’ much, s’up with you?”

ME- “Hey Joe, this is my brother Dwayne…(motioning between two people at first meeting; back and forth)… D, this is Joe”

JOE- “S’up!?” (Accompanied by a classic head nod.)

DWAYNE- “s’up man, how you doing?” (Enthusiastic about the meeting, extends hand to shake or slap etc.)
by iDraw&Stuff December 28, 2022
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