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A single, two-word phrase that contains both the phrases "He lied" and "She believed", describing the stereotypically-common occurrence of a male lying to a female for personal gain, and a female believing the male because she is "naive".

This phrase can be interpreted as offensive to both sexes, painting males as devious, untrustworthy creatures and females as gullible fools.
(Boy and girl have know each other for 2 weeks)

Him: I love you so much. I want to express my love in a physical way. Will you make love with me?

Her: I love you too, so much. I've never felt this way before! Let's do it!

she believed
by nonbiased1234 January 01, 2010
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he lied
when she believed but s(he) be(li)ev(ed)
by @skeeskrrt April 21, 2019
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