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A word used to describe a steaming hot, yet smart and intelligent boy during his mid to late teen years. People often think it is a euphemism for a flaming homo, but it is actually the other way around. An rzhang is the epitome of the word "beauty." Rzhang is a title given to young man chosen by God, almost as if it was the mandate of heaven.

This word is also used to describe a Herculean being. An rzhang would often have a serratus that would make girls horny, biceps huggin' them sleeves that make them girls wanna squeeze, and a body so cut that it attracts all the sluts. Often times, he would be praised by other women, although what they say are not compliments, but actually just realistic judgments.

Although people closely associated him with an ostentatious lifestyle, a typical rzhang is a young man that would never put anyone down. He is often Asian, attends an international school, and is fixated upon his own physical appearance, with a particular focus on muscle development.

A common misconception is that a rzhang type ethnic douchebag is often pathologically self-aggrandizing. To others, he is seen as a vainglorious narcissist.

Rzhang frequents the gym. The aura created by his presence is so strong people within 500 AOE of an rzhang automatically feel 100% stronger. There was one instance where a black girl was bicep curling 25lbs. After rzhang arrived, she suddenly felt like Hercules and was able to curl 50 pounds for 10 reps (her name was jooi).
Small guy #1: Dad u see that asshole walking around in the gym??
Small guy #1's dad: Calm down son, that's rzhang coming to save us from the small fry epidemic!! This is truly a blessing. FUUUUUUUAAARRRRRKKKk!!!!

Hot girl #1: Wow that new guy in our physics class is so hot!! Not only is he brawny, but he is also brainy!!
Hot girl #2: Oh my god, yeah!! He is the personification of perfection!! (blush)

Small guy #2: (sees rzhang top naked under downlighting) Omg dad is that Zyzz?
Small guy #2's dad: No son that's just rzhang.

Small guy #2: Wow...I think I like men now...
by rnub October 06, 2013
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