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1. Ryzek - An uncommon name, normally completely insane weirdo with no friends who does stupid things and is always stoned.

2. Ryzek - When you do something really stupid or weird normally involving girls.

3. Ryzeking - When your doing something really stupid or weird normally involving girls.
Husband: "Let's name him Ryzek!"

Wife: "Are you insane?!?!"


Ryzek: "I did a ryzek and forgot I had a penis so I started running around my neighborhood naked and got totally wiphlashed!"

Innocent Bystander: "Um... Ok then"

Ryzek: "That's not the worst of it!" "I texted the wrong girl asking if she wanted to have sex 7 times!"

Innocent Bystander: "Have you ever thought about seeing a psychiatrist?!?!"


Ryzek: "Mom I'm going to do some Ryzeking and go to school naked"

Mom: "Last time you did that the director puked when he walked in on you bending over to get a textbook off the floor!"
by iSpeakTruth! November 25, 2015
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