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racist hypocrite. somebody who says someone is being racist while they totally misunderstand that they are being racist at all. someone who is mean to someone else for no reason and is a complete asshole to another and does not know when to apologize. someone who plays it nice with the opposite sex but is an to the same gender for no reason. a complete tool, someone who can't stand the world and sometimes hates everybody around them. someone who insults and cannot give reason.
Facebook status: wow today was so nice :)

person: i know 75 degrees with a little bit of wind. what a day

rypocrine: ^ no one likes you hop off this status you racist bastard. go away and die

person: what did i do?

rypocrine: faggot you know what you did hop off no one cares for you
by MG4432 April 21, 2011
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