What you call somebody when they are just "lying to kick it". Basically fabricating a story for no other reason but to sound "cool"
P1: Brian told me that last night he was in a high speed chase with the police...totally got away though!
P2: That fool was at my house last night, crying cause he broke up with his girlfriend
P1: What a Ryan Lochte!
by Mellow D August 18, 2016
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one of the hottest u.s swimmers to ever live.
taylor: did you see michael phelps swim last night?
steph: no i was too busy watching ryan lochte on the sidelines.
by steph lons August 13, 2008
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An inordinate obsession with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte mainly due to his ridiculously hot body and face not necessarily his exceptional swimming ability. Symptoms include but are not limited to searching for him on twitter everyday, tweeting at him or about him frequently, making memes about him, looking up latest news stories about him, daydreaming about him, wanting to jump into your tv and tell him to "take you now", fantasizing about licking his abs, hating other girls or gay men that also think he's hot and so on.

Could also be simply referred to as "Lochte fever"
Delusional Lochte Fan: I have like 600 photos of my future husband Ryan Lochte on Instagram.

Confused non-Lochte Fan: Looks like you've got Ryan Lochte Fever.
by RyanLochteLover91 August 7, 2012
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