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Rwoi is not only the name of an awsome guy (George) but can also take the place of most words. Rwoi is no more a noun than a verb than an adjective. It can be interjected to any sentence in order to 'spice it up a little' as well as peoples names by inserting a rwoi into the beginning or end.
History: Originated as a mock of 'gangsta's saying 'Yeah bWoi.' The phrase 'Yeah Rwoi' was then introduced, and was then adopted for every word in every situRWOItion.
Sentence - 'I dont want to see that shrwoicking film, It looks absorwoitely shit!

'Dont be afrwoid Emily that the Rwoi mole is around your battyrwoi'

'defirwointly rwoin to rwoi Farerwoi City
saturwoi nrwoight'

Examples of names - Emrwoi, Samrwoi, Tedrwoi, Benrwoi, Rwoiorge, Rwoimily
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