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rutgers camden is the real rutgers, where the true badasses go. parties atypically take place at tep (the frat house on campus)or at the castles which are apartments located across the street from the campus. most people look down upon rutgers camden because of the city it is located in, but this is a terrible misunderstanding, as long as innocent students stay in large groups when traveling about late at night, and never walk under the bridge to mancines after dark alone there will rarely ever be problems. with the softball team winning the national championship this year, and the men's soccer and baseball teams being extremely good looking the future of rutgers is looking very bright, and will contend many ivy league schools for the best reputations in the nation, and within time, the universe.
rutgers camden can only be summed up by taking Brad Pitt's face, adding a young Arnold Schwarzenegger's body, having the penis size of lexington steele, and the coolness of a cucumber.
by bobby pet. July 13, 2006
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