How you feel after taking a nice, long, enjoyable run. Runderful is the opposite of runpleasant.
Alex: How was your run?
Edward: It was runderful! I covered 3 miles.
by Frown January 12, 2008
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A term used to describe a person , sometimes short in stature and driven to overcompensate socially by their perceived "smallness" . A Runder has to overcompensate by starting shit with/about friends. Usually done anonymously because they lack the aggots to do so face-to-face. Also known as the "Desperado Effect" . Desperate to seek attention to themselves, they get unsuspecting friends to join their cause. Interestingly. this person is perceived as smart but has little common sense. Characteristics include having a desperate need to have an overwhelming number of Facebook friends .
Tom: Yo man, why did you write that shit about me?
John: What's the matter man? Can't you take a joke?
Joe: Yea really, what's the deal with you making all these comments?
John: I thought it would get some laughs.
Tom: Wow man... your such a Runder!
by Ruh-Roh scooby May 15, 2011
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