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A dating rule that demands that men should have at least a couple of the qualities associated with the number six in order to be attractive to women, namely:

* A six foot height
* A six-pack abdomen
* Six years of higher education (i.e. a university degree)
* Six months since last relationship
* A six inch penis
* A six-hundred horse-power car
* A six-figure salary
* At least a six out of 10 in terms of facial looks (i.e. above average)

If a guy has any two of the above qualities, he basically has decent dating prospects. If a guy has all of the above qualities, women will basically flock to him and start worshiping at the altar. If a guy has none of the above qualities, he will probably end up a truecel for life.
Brian: Mom, give me some dating tips, how will woo the women?
Mom: its all about the rule of sixes son, believe that
by invert cattso May 27, 2018
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