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Almost every rugby club has at one time encountered a rugby rogue. this traveling scumbag appears at practice or a match and joins the club willing to assist in the collective efforts. He is usually a piggy, and has a trade, like a carpenter or electrician, and finds a place to live with some of the batchleor players. Within a year, he leaves without notice, absconding with property and funds belonging to the roommates and the club.
Last year Rich started playing with us, and moved in with Android and Buddha. We should have been known that he was a rugby rogue since he was 35 and pocessed only a kit, some clothes and a 15 year-old Dodge truck. He sold $400 worth of raffle tickets, did not turn in any of the stubs or the money, and when we went to the house he was gone and so was Buddha's stereo and Android's furniture.
by bullet88 July 18, 2009
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