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Actually it is Reverse Titty Fuck With Ball Gobble.

As in you are thrusting your penis in between a girl's breasts in the less common direction of away from her face so that your testicles are readily accessible to her mouth in which case she will of course gobble them mightily making your experience something to remember.
Hey remember that time I RTFBG'd Grayce...yeah she gobbled that shit like a turkey.
by o-neg March 18, 2007
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An advanced sexual position.

Reverse Tit Fuck Bum Growl
Last night I tried out the RTFBG
by Labrat August 03, 2004
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Reverse Titty-Fuck, Ball Gobble.

This is a sexual position in which the male is dominant. He uses the woman's cleavage to stimulate his penis while she simultaneously orally pleasures his scrotum.
me: i totally RTFBG'd her last night
you: you're such a pimp lolzorz
me: i |< |\| () \/\/

by Sunshiner October 23, 2006
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