a new version of rsc (which pwnz all by the way) it was created by Andrew gower b coz he h8s haxxxoo0o0rs and au2ers. ever since rs2 has been created rsc has been dieing. only 1337 people now play rsc, kinda takes the fun out of it, no n00bs to laugh at :(
'Noob: i play rs2, its a very 'neat' game'

1337 rsc hacx0r: down with rs2!!1 u skrewed up rsc liek pmfg die pl0z'
The definition of an RS2 Product is somebody who started RS by ONLY playing RS2 and they didn't get to envy the sublimity and magnitude of the ONE and ONLY true RuneScape, which is evidently RS1. RS2 Products are usually people who claim they have the ability to prevail and reign in this so-called "perilous Wilderness" Jagex has horribly implemented in-game during the release of RS2. RS2 Products are a degrading part of RS, and they originated from a 10-year-old mini-game site called "MiniClip." Did I mention some RS2 Products also are exigent and partially slow? RS2 Products are now an ineluctable part of RS2 and they will continue to cause ravage and enmity until a prodigy PKer gives them a nice cup of STFU. :)
"oMfGz0rz! lolololol my br0nz3 dAgg4r pwnsssszzzz tH3 b1g one!!111"

"Shush, RS2 Product."
by Some squirrel. October 29, 2005