Abbreviation commonly used in game communities. Stands for "rage router pullout" - it's an act of unplugging your router in order to ragequit the game. It's user better than normal ragequit because other players will see (in some games) timeout message instead of just disconnect.
Player besteplayer left the game (besteplayer timed out)
- nice rrp loser git gud
by jitteryfest June 2, 2016
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Short form of Real Retail Price on ebay.
The RRP of this hat is $45 in stores.
by Godmotha April 28, 2006
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This is what is known as a Reno Rotisserie Project. It involves two guys from Reno, tag teaming a girl. One guy is getting blown while the other guy is behind her forming a make-shift, chicken rotisserie. A new twist on the Wobbly H.
by Dorcia October 25, 2010
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RRP AKA Realistic Roleplay is a well made ROBLOX game made by marcus760. RRP is based off New York's ghetto life. Most of its player base are white kids who trying to be black.
John:Hey Jaun, wanna play some RRP?
Juan:Isn't that gMe where people trying to be hood?
John:Yea but it's fun!
Jaun:Whatever, let's play some RRP.
by a_Numba_9 June 4, 2017
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