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Radioactive Random Number Generator. Random number device that relies on decay time fluctuations of nuclear material, usually with a Geiger counter, but some scale based systems have been used. Often used in retro-psychokinesis experiments, chronopunk forward time modification and tagging, cryptoanarchist and military XOR byte streams.
"These slot machines are rigged, I want this casino to have a third-party verified RRNG that accepts input from any party who wants to play when they come in the door."

"The citizens began mass rioting when they discovered that the algorithm used to generate their public keys had been made with a purely predictable random number generator, once the panic slowed down, the Senate had no choice but to enact legislation that each citizen had the right to audit each aspect of their voting system. While none of the senators were re-elected, they were able to avoid policide and were still treated with reverence."
by chronopunk808 August 31, 2011
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