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"rozafaswag" is the definition of cool, cleverness, style and during to be pretty as girl.

"rozafaswag" are two words combinated who got so much sense that everybody wanna get that. They are Rozafa and Swag, nothing about the meaning SWAG (secretly we are gay) its just the word for these style and good-looking. Girls are almost meaned. But the girls who didn't get rozafaswag, are mostly jealos. ROZAFA (or also Rosi or Rozi) is an albanian name often for kids who the parents knew that she'll be pretty and gonna get stlye.
Example 1:

Anywhere in a shop:

Cashier: "You can't buy that! damnit! you havn't enough money!..

Person with 'rozafaswag': "Ain't got mulay but i got soo much motherfuckin' rozafaswag BIATCH!!

Cashier: damn... true, take it. I'm sorry..

Person with 'rozafaswag': No worries men.

Example 2:

Guy 1: "Dude! look, this girl is so damn pretty and is wearing baggies, a "Commes des Fuckdown" beanie, Sneakers and just has style."

Guy 2: "Yep bro, she got rozafaswag.."
by lil' MacHenry January 24, 2013
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