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A sweet, beautiful girl who is always there for her friends. She never gives up and has a great personality. She is a girl that all the boys come running to, about how beautiful and caring she is. She is also a person that picks you back up when you fall down.
by Jessica browning February 08, 2014
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A gorgeous short girl. She may come off mean when you first meet her but is really loving and caring when you get to know her. Loves her friends with all her heart and if you get one keep her. She loves to be shown that she is cared for and loves to show people that she cares. But if you break her heart once she won't give another chance to break her again.


Beautiful, short, loving, caring, mean, rude, but all around a great friend.
Damn, Roynette is gorgeous.

I wish I could day Roynette.
by Cortney Vansomehalder September 19, 2017
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Roynette is the name of a person who is kind, yet rude. They will be mean to you to show how much they actually love and care for that person. It’s their way of expressing it. They actually feel very alone inside but won’t show it to the outside world. Be careful around them, the simplest things actually hurt them but they won’t show it.
Watch our for Roynette, she is hurting.
by Littleoranges August 28, 2018
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