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An Irish Airline founded by one Micheal O'Leary. Generally classified by it's lack of any customer service, intolerably rude staff (uneducated and incompetent) and failure to run services. They frequently misquote fares and extort surcharges from passengers, leave them stranded following cancellations and misquote regional airports sometimes hundreds of kilometers from the advertised destination. An experience of flying rottenair typically involves poorly designed and dirty cabins plastered in advertising and being repetitively pestered by crew promoting advertising and other services airport transfers, rottenair credit cards and scratchcards, inedible food and knock off gifts and perfume. Such actions along with extorting government and airport authority bodies allow rotten air to offer fares which at face value appear a fraction of the cost of other carriers but including all surcharges and the added inconvenience are often more expensive or only marginally cheaper...
I'd rather Swim to London than endure a rottenair flight
by AMandT August 22, 2007
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