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The Rositor, pronounced Ros-i-tor, is the official mascot of the LLC Area Desk at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. He was originally coined by Theresa, a Rositor connoisseur, in 2006. According to J.K., an informal expert on the species, the Rositor is indigenous to the city of Eugene. It is an omnivore, living off of equipment late slips and residents asking if we can break a $10. It is rarely seen without a PRCR in hand. It lives in the LLC bathroom. The Rositor absolutely loves Sex and the City.
The Rositor is no joking matter.
"I sure wish the Rositor would show his face one of these days." - Robert

"Are you Rosiphobic?" - Tim

"I'd rather eat a Rositor than sloppy eggs from Dux." - Callie

"Ros-i-tor" - Theresa

by D.A. Ross January 27, 2007
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