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A rosheylla is a nice girl who gets all the boys in school. She is popular and savage

She is Also a girl who makes u like her instantly. Her smile is beautiful like her and her straight or curly hair makes boys have boners. She is also maybe rude sometimes to some people. But she is athletic , pretty, nice, rude sometimes and she has a bigg booty. She is smexy and very easy to spot from far. Her fashion is awesome and swag. ❤️ Boys always fall in love with her. They drool 🤤 And try to get her and claim her and also double like and follow on instagram. The boys always want a shoutout from her to brag from her other boys. She like curly hair guys and lightskin guys
Omg look at that rosheylla

I want to go out with a girl like rosheylla
by @0fficial.raerae go follow August 29, 2017
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