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The amazing vest covered in fake roses, worn by ryan ross, brendon urie, and jon walker of the MAGICAL band, Panic! At The Disco. the best known color is red worn by ryan. optional colors are black and white.


caution: this vest is probably flammable
Janine: The rose vest makes me swoonn.. *TEENIE SQUEAL*
Marie: Are you serious....O_O
by Janine and Marie pwn your soul August 20, 2006
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The infamous vest that was worn by Ryan Ross of Panic! At the Disco, until he lost it at a hotel in New Zealand. The vest was designed and created by fashion students for Ryan Ross himself.
The Panic! At the Disco concert was amazing, Ryan Ross looked so awesome in his rosevest.
by Diamond Ivy August 15, 2007
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The vest that the guitarist and lyricist for Panic! At The Disco, Ryan Ross, used to wear at shows until he lost it in New Zealand. Many people are angry because of this and others wonder how any body could lose something so bright-colored and noticeable. The vest had the ability to make girls swoon and people stare in amazement. The infamous Rose Vest has it's own MySpace, but it is not run by Ryan Ross himself.
Fan 1: Have you seen Ryan Ross' ex Rose Vest?

Fan 2: Yeah! That thing is so bright! What happened to it?

Fan 1: That man lost it somewhere in New Zealand.

Fan 2: How do you lose that thing? It's so bright and flamboyant!

Fan 1: That's what I wonder.
by Lina Davis March 16, 2007
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A vest that Ryan Ross from Panic! At The Disco wore to many concerts, that was a bright red color, with lots of fake roses and a few silver chains on it. However, it was lost in luggage claim one day when they were coming back from a tour. It's also like a mascot to fans of P!ATD/Ryan Ross.
"Man, I'm really bummed that the rosevest is gone."
"Me too, man, me too."
by Hmmm. August 06, 2007
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