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When you are an active person and perform either of one of these activities, rock climbing, parkour, crossfit, military bootcamp or wall climbing, you are at risk of getting rope climbers elbow. Amongst one the worst pains know to man kind, rope climbers elbow can leave your forearms and hands useless, which may as well be substituted with stumps. Its a fuckup with your tendons and can feel like tennis elbow, but is actually an imbalance between the muscles in your forearm and bicep
"Hey Jim I saw on facebook you went rock climbing yesterday"
"Yeah I got rope climbers elbow from it and now I cant wipe my arse"

"What did you do at crossfit this week Judy?"
"I got my first rope climb this week"
"Oh wonderful, I hope you didn't get rope climbers elbow"
"I did and now I cant even change gears in my car"
by rekt@thebox June 10, 2016
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