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A person who is selective of the root of where their food comes from including how it was raised or grown and the impact that it has on the environment and the farmers who grow the food. A rootitarian goes beyond a label in the grocery store and buys directly from producers. They first line certify rather than depend on trendy terms like humanely raised or natural. Perhaps perceived as having a distrust of marketing by some a rootitarian understands the realities of the complexity of the food system and has a taste for good local ethically raised food.
I am a rootitarian. I eat foods that meet my personal definition of local and sustainable. To me, that is only , for example, eating meat that I 've raise myself. Most often, I eat vegetarian when we go out to restaurants. I consider many factors when I eat. I know that every bite of food has the power to impact the land, people and communities in a positive or negative way.
by thegrazingoose July 25, 2016
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