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When a boy and girl climb on top of their car in a secluded area (woods, dark ally, etc.). And have sex on the roof of their car.
It was a warm summer's night. Two eighteen year olds were on their first date. The boy took the girl into his rental and drove along a quiet road. He noticed along the way that the girl was particularly anxious. Her great looking green eyes kept darting about. When it was well into the night, they turned into a peaceful forest preserve. Awhile after, the girl lifted up her skirt and took off her thong. She started to rub her pussy faster and faster. The boy noticed this and his cock shot up. He pulled off to the preserve parking lot. The couple tried banging backseat, but there was too much stuff back there. So the girl said,"let's try rooftoppin' it." So they proceeded to the roof of the rental. The girl couldn't resist so she ripped off all her clothes. She then got into doggie style and ripped the pants off the boy. They then proceeded to fuck on the roof of the car. It started out slow but got faster. The whole time the girl shouting, "FASTER, HARDER, COME ON I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT."
by yomama12347 January 29, 2014
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