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A very cute mysterious creature which can be found in the Yorkshire & Humberside area.

The sex of roobels is confirmed to be a female, she is caucasian and has big blue eyes and long blonde hair.

She is very capable of looking after herself in terms of finding cosy caves to live and sleep in. She is a good hunter however she does not usually hunt animals as she feels sorry for them.

She loves trees and forests. But most of all she loves FUN.

Self protection is not a quality of Roobels, however she has the protection of Rascal. However it has been very noticeable that Roobels actually needs protection from Rascal. This is because she becomes jealous of the attention Roobles gets, at most Rascal will kick Roobels and take her belongings such as sweeties, toys and gifts/presents.

On the whole Roobels is a very secretive creature.

If you want to start an expedition to attempt to catch her then you must take out lots of time. The best way to lure her is by using hot pizza as bait.
Too much fun, Too much fun Roobels.
by umar arshad May 07, 2008
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